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About Us

Healdsburg Dance Collective was launched in early 2023 by a group of former professional dancers living and teaching in Healdsburg. They have come together as a roving collective to collaborate, share resources, and advocate for the local development and presentation of dance of all kinds. The intent is to create an inclusive overarching umbrella organization that brings together all of our local dance artists to bolster community support for dance. 


With space at a premium, local dancers have had to move their practices to neighboring towns. The collective’s ultimate goal is to operate out of a shared community space dedicated to dance here in Healdsburg where we can provide education and performance opportunities for children and adults. Such a center could eventually be a draw for international choreographers and companies to tour or create new work in residency programs, attracting audiences from around the county or beyond. HDC also hopes to produce public events that bring dance into unexpected places, highlighting our historic town and stunning natural settings. Read more about us in the Healdsburg Tribune.


We hope you’ll join our campaign for bringing back local dance with your skills, ideas, resources, and advocacy. Please introduce yourself!

Founding Partners

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